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ROPETEX PERFORM 8CP is a high-quality steel wire rope consisting of eight strands. The outer strands are compacted, and the core is separated from the outer strands by a plastic layer, reducing internal stress and giving it an excellent service life. Ropetex PERFORM 8CP is not rotation resistant.

Key product benefits

  • Excellent lifetime
  • Suitable for multi-layer drum spooling
  • Very resistant against crushing
  • Very abrasion resistant
  • High breaking load (MBL)
  • Plastic layer to reduce internal friction and stress while protecting the core

Main applications

  • Hoist rope
  • Auxiliary hoist rope
  • Boom Hoist rope
  • Luffing rope
  • Trolley rope
  • Pendant rope
  • Grab rope

Standard: EN12385

Rope Category Numbers acc. to ISO4309:2017

  • Ø 8 mm to 14 mm: RCN 04
  • Ø 15 mm to 39 mm: RCN 09
  • Ø 40 mm to 48 mm: RCN 11
  • Temperature range: -40°C up to +60°C with standard lubricant
  • Fill factor: 0,664
  • Tolerance Ø: +2% to +4%


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