Founded over 80 years ago, French company Tractel® is a specialist in the safety of work at height. Its products and services are used in a wide range of applications, particularly in industrial, construction, energy, telecommunications and infrastructure projects.

The Tractel® solutions portfolio includes:

  • Height safety: fall arrest devices (Stopfor™, Blocfor™, Derope™), anchors, harnesses.
  • Load measurement & control: Dynafor™, Handifor™, Dynasafe™, Dynaline, Dynarope, and Dynaplug.
  • Lifting & handling: manual wire rope winches (Tirfor®), electric winches (Tirak™, Minifor™), clamps, pulleys and hooks.

Today, Tractel® has major production facilities in Europe (France, Germany, Poland, Spain), the United States (Minneapolis, Houston), Canada (Toronto, Montreal), China (Shanghai), Singapore and Turkey. These facilities are supported by centers of excellence dedicated to R&D, engineering and safety standards.

Tractel® has customers in 120 countries, subsidiaries in 19 countries, 10,000 distributors worldwide, and employs around 1,100 people.

Traction Levage is the historical distributor of Tractel® on the French market.

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