A misinterpretation of the condition of a wire rope on an infrastructure, a misdefinition of the need, due to a non-conforming consideration of the various key factors ( wire rope and kinematics environments), can lead to a drop of productivity, and in the worst case, to a major incident.

We can offer you an awareness program to reduce risks and costs, while providing skills development and awareness of your employees.

This program, which has been running for more than ten years, is divided into four chapters. These modules can be modified to meet the expectations of the participants and the company's different sectors of activity.

Provided by our Technical Manager, it can be delivered on our offices as well as on your different sites, in a classroom or directly on your facilities, depending on the objectives of the training.

To encourage exchanges and understanding, it combines practical exercises and theoretical parts. A summary document is given to each participant at the end of the session.


Its period can last from half a day to a full day.


  • Types of wire ropes
    • Strand construction;
    • Wire ropes construction ;
    • Direction and method of wiring.


  • Mechanical properties
    • Breaking load ;
    • Blocks stability ;
    • Rotation tolerance ;
    • Flexural rigidity;
    • Resistance to external wear ;
    • Resistance to internal damage.


  • Selection criteria
    • Tower cranes ;
    • Luffing cranes ;
    • Mobile cranes ;
    • Electric hoists ;
    • Liquid Metal Overhead Cranes ;
    • Cranes (container / ore carrier) ;
    • Elevators ;
    • Tirfors.


  • Wire rope Use & Inspection
    • Ideal rules for installation ;
    • Case studies ;
    • Regulations and standards ;
    • Removal Criteria :
      • Progress, type and number of wire breaks
      • Wire breaks at the termination
      • Strand break
      • Diameter reduction & elasticity / elongation
      • External and internal wear
      • External and internal corrosion
      • Distortions
      • Heat / electric phenomena
      • Working documents

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