Traction Levage is a designer and manufacturer of standard and special lifting accessories.
We have an integrated engineering department and our experts move to our customer's site to determine their needs.

Engineering department

  • Complete analysis of the need.
  • Expertise from design to production.
  • Final element calculations.
  • Calculations by algebraic method.
  • Partnerships with other engineering offices.


  • Non-bearing welds.
  • Material optimisation [Accessory weight/load] ratio optimised.
  • European Directive 2006/42/EC.
  • Nome EN 13155 / Norme FEM au besoin.
  • Coefficient 3 at breakage.
  • High quality steel.
  • Evaluation in offices and on site by independent auditors.
  • Qualification of our calculation methods by an accredited agency.
  • Overload test reproducing the actual lines of force of the provided device.


  • Laser cutting / Water jet / Oxycutting.
  • Qualification of our product categories by an organism.
  • Qualification of welding employees EN 287.
  • Qualification of inspection staff (cofren 2).
  • Qualification of employees in overload test.
  • Non-destructive inspection of welds.
  • Non-destructive inspection of material quality.


  • Aciers / Aluminium / Acier inoxydable.
  • Stock tôle avec certificat 3.1b.
  • Eléments porteurs de charge : acier haute qualité.
  • Certificats matière pour les éléments porteurs de charge.
  • Poutrelles : attestation conformité matière.


  • Sheet metal in stock.
  • Trade steel profiles.
  • Steel profiles reconstituted by our company for specific needs.
  • Steel profile completion.


  • WLL marking on 2 sides.
  • General marking.
  • Weighted capacity marking per lifting point.
  • Specific marking / Adhesives on request.
  • Aluminium dientification plate Traction Levage.
  • Customised plates possible.

Type of paint :

  • Acrylic paint for metal structures in corrosive environments.
  • Paint ACQPA C3M-C4-C5M.
  • Paint Epoxy four.
  • Decontaminable paint.
  • Standard colour yellow or blood orange / Other shades on request.

Other coating :

  • Electrogalvanizing / Bichromating / Hot dip galvanizing.

Overload test

  • Essai en surcharge répliquant les lignes de force réelles de l’équipement proposé.


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Lifting beam Traction Levage
Drawing of a lifting beam of Traction Levage
Lifting beam 3 tons 500 kilograms
Metallic part of a lifting beam

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