Fibre Rope Movline Plus 8 Strands

MOVLINE PLUS ropes are made of composite fiber extruded on a custom-built extrusion process. This extremely strong and high tenacity bi-polymer fibers, combined with a round plait construction, give this rope a good resistance to intensive use.

Its gripping capability is enhanced by the outer fuzzy surface developed in use, also protecting the inner fibers against abrasion

Available in 8 and 12 strands.

Main characteristics :

  • High resistance to abrasion and intensive use
  • High strength floating line 
  • No water absorption
  • Good UV resistance
  • Flexible, non-kinking and non-rotating construction                           


Specific gravity : 0,94

Fusion point: 165° C

Elongation in % of the breaking load :

  • 25 % … 2,8 % (6,0 for 3-4 strands)
  • 50 % … 5,5 % (11,5 for 3-4 strands)

Main uses:

  • Anchoring and mooring lines
  • Tug and Towing lines
  • Material: Mixed Polyolefin


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