DYNICE 78 Rope

DYNICE 78 ropes are made from DSM's Dyneema® SK78 fibres. They are impregnated with Duracoat to improve resistance and endurance. High performance ropes for various applications with high strength and durability.
The main focus is on 12-strand braided ropes which have proven very popular for their roundness and smooth surface. These ropes combine good strength retention with good flexibility and dynamic properties. Termination is easy through splicing where up to 90% of linear strength is retained.

Three basic types are being offered:

  • DYNICE 78 12-strand braided rope
  • DYNICE 78 with braided cover
  • DYNICE 78 Cable rope

The 12-strand braided rope from Dyneema SK78 fibres, impregnated with Duracoat for improved abrasion resistance, has proven its reliability. Very popular for their roundness and smooth surface. The ropes are soft and flexible and easy to splice.

Density: 0,97 g/m3
Tenacity: 3,5 N/tex.
Modulus: 120 N/tex.
Elongation: 3,7%
Melting point: 144-152ºC.
Resistance to chemicals: Excellent.
UV resistance: Good.
Flexibility: Good.

  • Material: Dyneema®


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