• Ordinary right hand lay
  • Not to be used with swivel

Special Rope with steel reinforced core

PAWO F7 is a result of additional technical development of the PAWO F3. The outer strands are designed in Warrington construction. This type is mainly used in installations where rope service life is more defined by the amount of permanent bends on traction/deflection sheaves than by wear of the outer wires.

The steel-reinforced fiber core has good elongation properties and prevents the deformation of the cross-section while the rope passes over the traction sheave or the deflection sheave.


  • small to intermediate number of bending cycles
  • normal to heavy usage levels
  • low stretch
  • extended service life
  • Rope construction: 8x19 Warrington with steel-reinforced fiber core.
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Standard: EN 12385-5


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