• Ordinary right hand lay
  • Not to be used with swivel

Special full steel rope with IWRC

In PAWO F7S the fiber component of the F7 steel core was replaced by a steel strand, thus achieving an even higher metallic cross-section plus an even higher breaking strength.

This full steel rope is primarily used in installations where the rope service life is more affected by the impact of permanent bends than by wear from the traction sheave. The steel wire rope core minimizes rope elongation in comparison to the types F3 and F7. As a consequence, the rope is particularly suitable for high-rise applications with many bending cycles.


  • medium and high-rise
  • intermediate to high number of bending cycles
  • normal to heavy usage levels
  • low stretch
  • long service life
  • Rope construction: 8x19 Warrington with steel core.
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Standard: EN 12385-5


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