Polyamid 34STR

General: Polyamide ropes provide high breaking strengths while its high elongation works as an excellent energy absorber. It is very good abrasion and heat resistance are enhanced by a twisted balanced construction, even in wet conditions, while the quality of fibers insure a perfect twist and lay tension reducing natural shrinkage in use.

Specific Gravity: 1,14
Melting Point: 260ºC

Elongation at % of BS:
25% …. 12,5%
50% …. 20,0%

Main applications:
Mooring lines
Anchor lines
Shock lines
Deck lines

  • Features: Good abrasion and wear resistance even in wet conditions
  • Material: Polyamide
  • Marking: Polyamide 3 or 4 Strands, diam. length
  • Finish: Standard finishing 200 or 220m coils


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