Fall Arrester Blocfor™ 1.8B ESD

The Blocfor 1.8B ESD 150 kg is an automatic fall arrester which connects to the anchorage by the end of its strap equipped of connector. It allows for use on terraces. The Blocfor 1.8B ESD 150 kg energy dissipator is positioned on the side of the attachment point of the harness, so between the blocfor and the fall arrest point on the user's harness. The strap (fitted with an M51 connector) is connected to the anchor point of blocfor on the structure.

The Blocfor 1.8B ESD 150 kg offers the user many advantages:

  • Lightweight and compact,
  • Easy to carry and use,
  • Its casings are resistant to wear, impact, abrasion and ageing,
  • Easy to install on different types of anchors thanks to its M51 connector
  • Easy to connect to the harness thanks to the M47 connector positioned on the winding side
  • It benefits from a flexible unwinding system, without unwanted blockages during use,
  • The presence of a swivel allows an easy winding, the strap being freed from any twisting,

The design of the Blocfor 1.8B ESD 150 kg helps to improve user safety :

  • In the event of a fall, the device triggers in less than 100 mm of fall, which reduces the height of fall arrest,
  • the fall energy dissipator (ESD 150kg) is also a fall indicator, eliminating the risk of   use of the device after a fall.

The self-retracting fall arrestor Blocfor 1.8B ESD 150 kg can be used vertically or horizontally (on terraces), with terrace edge radius greater than 0.5 mm.  

The main features of Blocfor 1.8B ESD 150 kg are:

  • Usable deployed length: 1.80 metres,
  • Polyamide casings reinforced with ABS fibres,
  • 15 mm wide aramid strap, 1.45 metres long,
  • Extremity System Dissipator (ESD), a tear-off belt placed between the winder and the M47 connector, bearing the instrument's traceability label and acting as a fall indicator,
  • M47 connector placed at the end of dissipator,
    for connection to the harness anchorage
  • M51 connector placed on the strap of the winder.
    for connected to structural anchorage

The Blocfor 1.8B ESD 150 kg device must be positioned with the M47 connector on the user and with the M51 connector on the anchor point of the structure

  • Material: Casing: ABS Fibre Reinforced Polyamide, Webbing: Aramid
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Standard: EN 360


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