• Not for lifting

The cable grip ”Little Mule” is a device for gripping, pulling and tensioning wire rope and cables up to a tensile strength of 1770N/mm2.


  • The parallel jaws provide a firm grip without causing damage to the wire rope.
  • A special spring-loaded guide prevent the grip from dropping off the wire rope and allowes instant relaese without jamming.
  • The model LMG II-X is supplied with grooved jaws and is suitable for wire ropes up to a tensile strength of 1960Nmm2.

The grip is always depandant ont the surface condition and rope diameter.

  • Warning: The clamp can not be used on greased wire rope. Not to be used for lifting and hoisting purposes.
Little mule
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Part Code Code Pulling daN For wire rope dia
Eye dia
10.40N02608042 LMG I-X 2,000 5-15 31x44 1.6
10.40NO2608043 LMG II-X 3,000 8-20 31x44 2.9

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