The THM manual magnetic claw is used for transporting steel sheets horizontally and vertically, lifting plates from racks, pulling steel sheets out of shelving, as well as transporting flat pieces of magnetizable steel. The clamp, depending on the type, can be used for plate thicknesses from 1 to 5mm.
Pressing down on the handle activates a cam which releases the magnetic claw from the workpiece.This manual claw is maintenance-free and keeps the magnetic force for an unlimited period of time.

In order to achieve a maximum capacity,the contact sur-face should be bright and free from dirt, oil, grease, scale, corrosion, paint etc.

THM manual claw magnetic Yale
THM manual claw magnetic Yale application 1
THM manual claw magnetic Yale application 2
THM manual claw magnetic Yale drawing
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Type EAN-No.4025092* Pulling capacity
0,12 THM120 *550963 70 2
0,17 THM170 *550437 100 2
(1) Gemeten bij veiligheidsfactor 2:1 op blank getrokken materiaal St37 k.