General: Flat webbing sling with folded eye – B type – Category 2
Identification: Flat webbing sling in woven webbing.
Type: Double ply (B type)
Configuration: Flexible sling consisting of a single element in sewn webbing.
Endings: Folded eyes, category 2.

Ensure that sling is protected from any sharp corners and/or abrasive surfaces, use either protective polyester, polyurethane sleeves or coatings. DO NOT USE DAMAGED SLINGS.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry and protected from sunlight area.
Maintenance: Never dry sling near a fire or any source of heat.
Design: Textile sleeve, 100% polyester, sewn around each eye to reinforce and protect its inner surface. High resisting blue pvc label sewn on the sling.

  • Material: 100% polyester multifilament fibres of high tenacity.
  • Marking: According to standard, manufacturer’s symbol, working load limit (WLL), effective working length, CE marking, batch number, handling instructions.
  • Temperature range: From -40°C to +100°C.
  • Standard: EN 1492-1
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Product Image 2
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Part Code WLL
12.30B252 0.5
12.30B302 1
12.30B502 1.5
12.30B602 2
12.30B752 2.5
12.30B902 3
12.30B1202 4
12.30B1502 5
12.30B1802 6
12.30B2402 8
12.30B3002 10
M = form factor for symmetric loading. Handling tolerance for slings or parts of slings indicated as vertical = 6º. *No standardized values

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