Modulift Modular Spreader Beam - MOD 6

The standard range

Modular spreader beams provide the ideal solution for most lifting requirements – versatile and cost-effective. Modulift MOD 6 is available with capacity up to 6 t at 3.6 m and up to 4.5 m at a lower capacity.

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The modular configuration and interchangeable components enable Modulift spreaders to be reused over many lifts. Designed by Modulifts engineering experts and manufactured in their own specialist facilities; the Modulift range are the leading modular spreader beams on the market.

How the spreader beam is configured
Every Modulift modular spreader beam consists of a pair of end units and a pair of drop links, with interchangeable struts that can be bolted into the assembly between the end units to either lengthen or shorten the beam to suit the requirements of the lift, making them reusable at different spans. The different components are shown in the table below. If you need help to configure your spreader beam, please contact us.

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Part Code Type Weight
13.400006/DL003 Drop Link WLL 3t 0,6
13.400006/0.10 100 mm Strut 2
13.400006/0.20 200 mm Strut 2,7
13.400006/EU003 End Unit WLL 3t 3
13.400006/0.30 300 mm Strut 3,4
13.400006/0.60 600 mm Strut 5,4
13.400006/1.00 1000 mm Strut 8,1
13.40CMOD6 Set of 4 corners

Please note: 2 x end units and 2 x drop links are needed to configure a spreader beam.
Custom length struts are available on request.