New test bench in Traction Levage

On the occasion of the move to our new premises, we acquired a new, modern, high-precision test bench. It includes a double jack of 30 and 200 tons.

It integrates an automation system allowing the control of its numerous functions via computer. This makes it possible, for example, to easily create repeated cycles that improve productivity through rapid implementation.

The equipment complies with the latest CE safety standards for better protection of our operators. The forces applied during the test are damped by the frame structure and the reclosable cover protects against possible projections.

The ergonomics of the workstation are improved thanks to the touch screen and some pre-recorded programs allow the rapid implementation of tests in compliance with the standards and directives in force.

It is also upgradeable, i.e. due to its design, its current useful length of 18 metres can be extended in the future, an extension programmed in the next few years.

This test bench allows :

  • To improve our customer support by offering various test services:
  • Coefficient of test ;
  • Destructive and non-destructive testing ;
  • Elongation measurement under load, etc ;
  • Pre-commissioning verification of finished products;
  • Prototype testing ;
  • Verification of a product after repair (obligatory) during our periodic inspection services ;
  • Approval of new products and/or new suppliers ;
  • The control on sampling of products before entry into stock.