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Hydraulic cylinders

With +55 years of experience, Holmatro is a specialist for high-pressure hydraulic cylinders 700 Bar. Our Holmatro Industrial Tools offer you a range of cylinders (jacks) for various applications, enabling lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, pressing, spreading.

Gravity return (e.g. HJ50G30)

Return of the plunger by means of the load or another external force.

Spring return (e.g. HGC25S25)

Return of the plunger by means of a spring integrated in the cylinder.

Hydraulic return (e.g. HAC50H10)

Return of the plunger by means of hydraulic pressure. A.k.a. ‘double-acting’ cylinders.

We are available to help you choose the right cylinder for your application. Or contact us for technical guidance. Currently using another brand? The Holmatro Lifting tools are market compatible. 

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