Founded in 1967, Holmatro Industrial Equipment is worth over +55 years of experience with high pressure hydraulic tools & systems. After all this time, they are still a MADE in The Netherlands company with inhouse research & development, engineering and production. Together we aim to provide you with the most safe, reliable, durable and ergonomic solution for your application, delivering high-quality products, excellent service and great customer care.

Their range of cylinders, pumps, hoses and system components offers you flexibility and controlled power, from 5 to 300 tons. All tools are designed to generate safe & controlled power in various industrial applications. Whether it's maintenance and repair, production, heavy lifting, transportation, shipbuilding, civil engineering, construction, installation, tank construction, repair, Offshore Wind installation, transport, mining, or oil & gas projects, Holmatro’ s equipment ensures optimal performance and reliability.

When working in demanding circumstances with high pressure hydraulics, safety for your employees & customers should always come first. Correct & periodic maintenance can prevent unnecessary damages, costs, and unsafe situations. This is why Traction Levage & Holmatro we offer you a complete service program for high pressure hydraulic tools to ensure safety and increase the lifespan of your tools.

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