GesTAG® : RFID management of your lifting equipment and accessories

Traceability is the lead that a company is looking for in an ultra-competitive world where everything has to be done very quickly and safely.

Today traceability is defined as the ability to find the history, the use or the location of a product by using a registered identification. It enables a product to be tracked and therefore to be found from its creation to its destruction, including all these steps : management, inspection and, if necessary, reparation.

In addition to the major concerns of productivity and competitiveness, companies must be very attentive to the safety of their employees and therefore of their customers. They are subject to an increasing number of regulations and risks to be prevented.

For these resasons, we decided to create GesTAG®.


  • Ensure individual traceability
  • Track and locate products
  • Have a real time stock status
  • Anticipate and schedule periodic inspection operations
  • Elaborate control reports for each inspection or maintenance operation


GesTAG® has been developed in response to the problems of managing your lifting devices and accessories, particularly those subject to periodic inspection :

  • Lifting devices : Hoists, pulleys, jacks, clamps, sheaves, lifting beams.
  • Lifting accessories: Master links, hooks, links, wedge sockets, shackles, turnbuckles.
  • Wire rope, chain, textile webbing or round slings.
  • Wire ropes and ropes.

Problems encountered

Integrating RFID into our range of distributed products is not a new concept.

Each manufacturer of accessories, slings and devices has created its own software, all using its own tag reading frequency (LF, HF or UHF).

Our GesTAG® system gives you complete freedom of choice when it comes to suppliers and allows you to use all the tagging possibilities on the market. Only the scanner needs to be adapted.

Our selection of TAGs :

We have selected 3 models of RFID TAGs that can be used with all our products. Our wide range of TAGs allows us to satisfy all types of dimensional, location or working environment constraints. (Examples: extra-flat TAG, resistance to very high temperatures, risk of crushing, increased reading distance, data storage...).

  • TAG Ø18 mm flexible self-adhesive is integrated into the sewing of slings and textile lashing systems during manufacture.
  • TAG Ø6,5 mm compatible metallic surface adapts to small accessories by fitting into a dedicated space defined by the manufacturer.

Quick integration

Designed in a web mode, our application is very quick to deploy and gives immediate access to our database from any PC equipped with a browser.

We can offer you two options :

  • Manage your products through our integrated application and offer you support together with an inspection agency for all your periodic inspections.
  • Create a customised application for your needs with the help of our IT partner.


Our GesTAG® solution provides you a modular solution, flexible for the management and control of all your accessories and lifting devices.

Our software can be configured to fit your needs perfectly. Designed in a web mode, it allows quick consultation, through an internet connection, by an unlimited number of users over the whole of your business sector.

Our IT partner will be able to adapt it to your requirements in accordance with your graphic charter.

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