Range of hand spurgear winches available in 150 and 300 kg, standard model (with zinc-plated steel mounting plate) or stainless steel model (with stainless steel mounting plate).
Comply with Machines Directive 2006/42/EC. Developped and manufactured in accordance with standard NF E N 13157.
•Lifting or pulling/hauling operations
•Indoor - Outdoor
•Operating temperature between -10°C and +50°C
•Flat position
•Lifting doors
•Opening of traps
•On trailers, masts...
Technical characteristics:
•A new generation, compact winch taking advantage of the qualities of composite materials and aluminium, especially their anti-corrosion properties.
•High force/compact and density ratio.
•Many possibilities of wire rope exit (over 250°).
•Ergonomically and comfortably shaped crank grip.
•Removable crank.
•Stainless steel spring and pawls.
•Automatic brake.
•Zinc-plated or stainless steel mounting plate.
•Disengageable drum, no load only, associated with a failsafe system in the rope wind direction (patented).
•Planetary reducer in a sealed casing.
•Gear system with satellite pinions offering excellent mechanical balance and reducing the effort required on the crank.

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Part Code WLL
Rope Ø
Capacity 1st layer
Capacity top layer
number of layers wire rope capacity 1st layer
wire rope capacity top layer
lift per crank revolution
Maximum hand force
on crank kg
Tirex150 0,25 4 250 150 6 2,5 24 40 8 3,7
Tirex150inox 0,25 4 250 150 6 2,5 24 40 8 3,7
Tirex300 0,4 5 400 300 3 2 8,5 41 14 3,7
Tirex300inox 0,4 5 400 300 3 2 8,5 41 14 3,7
Weight without wirerope
* Wirerope as option