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Traction Levage is a French company specialized in the design, manufacture and distribution of lifting and handling equipment for various industries. Founded in 1967 by Mr MEDAWAR, the company has become a leader in its field, offering a wide range of lifting products such as wire ropes, chains, textile slings, hoists, winches and lifting equipment, as well as customized solutions for specific applications (Periodic General Inspection, Magnetic Rope Testing, etc.)

In 1979, under the impetus of its new manager, Marcel CAUSAN, Traction Levage equipped itself with a 6,000-ton sleeving press to meet the demand of the offshore market. This press is still the largest of its kind in Europe. This period marks the beginning of a long and always relevant collaboration with major companies such as ARCELOR, BOUYGUES, EDF, DCN, SNCF...

From 1983, the company expanded its activity with the opening of regional production workshops to meet the growing demand for lifting products:

  • In 1983: HAGUENAU (67)
  • In 1985: GENAS (since transferred to SAINT LAURENT DE MURE) (69)
  • In 1985: AULNAY SOUS-BOIS (since transferred to LE BLANC MESNIL) (93)
  • In 2004: SAINTE HERBLAIN (since transferred to LES SORINIÈRES) (44)
  • In 2013: CANEJAN (in 2021, the agencies of CANEJAN and LES SORINIÈRES merged) (44)


In 1990, Traction Levage was acquired by TREFILEUROPE, a subsidiary of the ARCELOR group, which made it its distributor for the sale of wire ropes.

In July 1999 the Aster branch of ARCELOR (Unimétal, SMR, TREFILEUROPE and its Subsidiaries) is sold to the group ISPAT INTERNATIONAL former name of the group MITTAL STEEL which in June 2006 after the purchase of ARCELOR by Lakshmi MITTAL becomes today the world leading steel manufacturer group known : ARCELOR MITTAL.

In October 2016, Traction Levage joined the Axel Johnson International group, the European leader in lifting and lashing with a turnover of over €370M.


One of the main strengths of Traction Levage is its ability to provide customized solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers. The company has experienced sales teams, present throughout France working in close collaboration with customers to understand their requirements and offer equipment that satisfy their specific needs. This level of customization allows Traction Levage to offer suitable products, thus increasing the productivity of its customers.

Traction Levage also distributes a wide range of standard products for various industries including construction, ports, logistics... The products distributed by Traction Levage to its customers are selected for their durability and reliability and are suitable for internal and external use. Many products are also designed to be lightweight and easy to use, while being very effective and safe.

Another key aspect of the success of Traction Levage is its commitment to safety. The company emphasizes safety in all its products, and all its equipment is designed to meet the highest quality standards and ensure the safety of operators and staff.

While being concerned about its economic development, Traction Levage does not design it without social progress and respect for the environment.

Traction Levage is a renowned French company, specialized in lifting and handling equipment. With a focus on personalization, durability and safety, Traction Levage offers its customers efficient and reliable products that help increase productivity, while controlling costs and respecting a rigorous environmental and societal policy.

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